33 Creative Website Designs: Getting Out of the Box

One of the most important thing to make a website successful is the user attention and attraction. Sometimes user is not happy with the website logo, pictures used in the website or products you have on display. The solution is get your creativity out by implementing cool illustrations and colors to get the user attention your website deserve.

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4 Responses

  1. Mary Baum says:

    I notice a couple examples are templates from stock sites. Interesting to compare sites that clients likely spent up to US$100K on with the templates you can buy for under US$50.

    I’ll grant that a good bit of the difference in some is the cost of custom photography on the big-brand sites.

    At least two are duplicates. I bet there are sites that got left out that could be here instead of the repeats.

    I think you’ve fairly accurately captured the relative importance of parallax scrolling as a design trend. It will be interesting to see how that combines with this year’s favorite buzzword – flat design.

    • Thank you Mary for your valuable feedback. There’s definitely hundred’s of them which could be part of this list but it’s really not possible to feature all of them here. We will try to get another list of creative websites soon.
      We featured flat website designs as well and you will definitely find few of them with parallax scrolling.

  2. Yeah Waheed, I totally agreed with you that a designer should understand the client’s attention before start working on a website. If someone doesn’t care of the view point never create a best web design.

  3. Arjun says:

    Good I liked this article… It is very detailed Thanks for this post….

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