20 Best and Useful jQuery Lightbox Plugins

jQuery plugins have been used by the designers for a long time and almost all the website designers use different jQuery plugins in their websites now to make them, appear more interesting and engaging. No matter what a website is about, no matter what services or products it offers it definitely needs images to show to the people a sort of demonstration of the offered products/ services. What better way to display such images than using jQuery plugins. Today’s article will focused on jQuery lightbox plugins to be more specific. Such plugins allows users to click on the image to zoom it, and these plugins also provide left and right buttons to traverse through the images in the shown directions and to close the zoomed in view a close or X button is also given. jQuery light box plugins support images as well as videos. So whatever there is a designer might want to share with his/ her viewers he/she can easily do so using the amazing jQuery lightbox plugins. All designers can be user to find awesome jQuery lightbox plugins online but it is a hard feat to get a plugin that suits all the purposes of the designers perfectly. Some of the plugins are free and some cost a little and many are old and some are newly released.

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