20 Useful JavaScript Libraries for Developers and Designers

JavaScript is a client side software language; it allows the clients to interact with the software that uses JavaScript. To make website more interesting to the users the website developers design their sites in such a way that allows the users to have control over the site while they are using it thus making it more interactive for them. Users like to maintain some contact when they are on a website; and by making a website interactive the viewers’ tend to stay on the site for longer just to explore the website to navigate through every page to find out what effects await to enchant them on each page. On the whole the website becomes even more amazing for the users to experience which will definitely increase the website’s audience and ultimately make it a success. The designers have to code the JavaScript on their website from scratch but it takes time which is not always at hand to spend and the effects need to be tested via trial and error which also takes up more time.

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