Web Designer’s Dilemma: Beautiful Design vs Sales Conversion

As a web designer, you’re paid to create a great looking website for your customers. Chances are, you have some fantastic tricks up your sleeve to create a beautiful site. But have you also been incorporating sales conversion aspects into your projects?

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2 Responses

  1. Danish says:

    This is a nice web site , i like this site .

  2. Ravvraj says:

    Not really what I expected 🙂 

    I am not an egoistic designer 😉
    My Dilemma is when you know more than your client about how users browse your site and what they user need to see and design a site that works, but the client wants to use a bizzare color combination or wants the same colors that are on another site “he likes” while I could do that, he logo does not match the color combination at all.

    I had a client walk in on me when I was designing their site I was in the middle of it. I had a world map(for a travel site) and was going to make it the background of a button, I was yet to “clip” it. They saw it and they loved it!! I was like are you serious.
    Its not over yet.
    But they loved it and I had a huge map spanning across the page with the menu items in an oval shaped circles on top of it.
    I have not included it in my portfolio :(.
    Any tips on how to handle that dilemma.

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