Responsive Web Design: A Quick Guide and Creative Examples

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The devices and browsers are increasing day by day that need to work with your website. It’s not enough to just have a mobile version and a browser version and we really can’t create each version for iPad, iPhone, Android mobiles, tablets, television, netbooks, desktops with high and low resolution screens. Our website design should not only be more flexible, but

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8 Responses to “Responsive Web Design: A Quick Guide and Creative Examples”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, nice sites

  2. Sebbie says:

    Great post… isn’t that funny though that this very website is not responsive? Viewed on a 1024×768 screen, you gotta scroll horizontally :-/

  3. Thanks Akhtar for mentioning Zedd Mobile. It was really interesting to do a responsive layout. Experimental and fun.

  4. good  collection of work.. i like  all designs

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  5. Karl says:

    Really inspiring designs. Thanks for the great post.

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