Inspirational Examples of Websites Using Parallax Scrolling

Scrolling is a part of almost all the websites whether vertical or horizontal; it’s done to display as much appropriate information as possible. Since scrolling is almost an essential part of all the websites designers have taken to giving effects to the scrolling to impress their users and peers alike. Before the proper launch of HTML5 and CSS3 achieving the task of scrolling with effects was a bit difficult but now with HTML5 and CSS3 it has become that much easier to accomplish. Designers can just think up what their effect would look and feel like and then they could just get to coding it thus giving it a viewable form. But an even easier way of giving powerful effects for scrolling is by using Parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling effects of current include moving/ changing backgrounds and foreground at different speeds slower and faster to give the overall view a 3D effect making the Parallax scrolling even more desirable. To give the viewers the best experience even from scrolling the website one can easily use Parallax scrolling.

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