20 Wonderful Textures and Patterns to Compliment Website Layouts

List of beautiful websites where textures and patterns is used in a very creative way. You’ll definitely like these amazing website layouts.

Textures and patterns have always been a part of website designing since they’ve always been around. Textures and patterns were not used before as much as they are being used now. Textures and patterns have so much variety now-a-days that most designers prefer using them in different colors and designs. Textures and patterns are two different things; textures are big and no-repetitive whereas patterns are repetitive and small in design. Good textures and patterns have the capability of giving powerful 3D effects. Textures and patterns can also be used to show different section of a website making it easy for the users to navigate. There are all kinds of textures and patterns available online; some are loud with bold strokes and some are mute and flat with subtle strokes; all are equally wonderful to behold and are used to compliment different designs depending on the designer’s view and his/ her aim to give all users the best possible experience. As textures and patterns give designs continuity and a timeless look most designers choose among the available textures and patterns which are available aplenty over the net.

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