20 Ingenious Single Page Websites for Inspiration

Lots of Website design trends are present in the market today. And their continued presence assures of their success; designers make use of different techniques and layouts to make their own website unique and outstanding so that the users stay on their websites for longer. One of the trending designs is single page websites and our article will focus on this trend today. Single page or one page websites are very easy to design and besides among the crowd of multi-paged websites that are galore online single paged websites look different and refreshing. In single page website designs all the material to be portrayed for the viewers to see is put on a one page which can be scrolled through either vertically or horizontally. There are lots of options to make single page websites more interesting and engaging for the users. Different effects can be given to the scrolling and different sections of the page can be linked to different buttons so that user can easily navigate to the required portion directly. In such websites the material is very easy to be found and the user just has to scroll to surf through the entire website. One page websites look very inviting to users and if they are designed expertly users will definitely stay on the website to explore it completely.

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