Minimal iPhone 4 Wallpapers You Might Be Looking For

I love iPhone wallpapers. You will find this post interesting if you got an iPhone 4 and looking for new wallpapers to decorate its Retina Display. This roundup consist of Minimal Wallpapers which will make your iPhone’s background sleek. These wallpapers work very well behind ‘Lock Screen‘.

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8 Responses

  1. Always glad to read an original website. Thank you for the input . Of course, apart from the content , the design of your blog is honestly nice . Bravo .

  2. evan says:

    I dont like any of these though nice website 🙂

  3. keep these great post coming

  4. Sam Otaibi says:

    the 7th wallpaper is awesome im gonna save it as a wallpaper!

  5. Free iPad says:

    Great backgrounds here, thanks for this.

  6. Slayer_56 says:

    The “his and hers’ background is actually clark kent and superman, thats not a chick.

  1. October 1, 2010

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    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…

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