Typography Design Inspiration #5

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It’s weekend, the wait is over and here’s some amazing collection of typography design. This post is a series of typography design and we bring you the latest artworks from the wonderful world of typography. We hope this collection will serve as a great source for your typography inspiration. All the artworks were hand-picked based on quality, and every image

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3 Responses to “Typography Design Inspiration #5”
  1. Robert says:

    Island Typography is wonderful – type as an illustration.

  2. Jackie Flynt says:

    Especially like Some Were Not Here :)

  3. Heh lovely picks, I am always crazy about typography! And funny how Type is still in such posts, I remember loving that tutorial and even learning XARA 3D to be able to replicate this very same effect. I think it was 3 years ago and  even now..still not outdated :)

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