Top Content Management Systems: Easy CMS for Web Designers

Content Management System (CMS) has become an important part of any successful website. There are many content management systems out there and choosing a right CMS for your website, or indeed for your enterprise is no easy task. Many content managements systems are really complicated and difficult to use and some of them require certain level of skills and expertise.

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11 Responses

  1. Muhammad Ali says:

    WordPress in all time favorite 🙂

  2. good topic cause i don’t know office has cms

  3. Anndvin says:

    Thanks Waheed! It’s a great round-up. I guess many bloggers and web geeks found something interesting here)))

  4. Should consider putting GetSimple CMS as well… 😛

  5. Elizabeth Liebel says:

    What are your thoughts on SaaS – for big businesses it may be wise to use a secure plat form like Auctori (

  6. Jan Juul says:

    Great overview! One question: I’m about to build  community for a group of students. I am a teacher, and would like to build a site where we can share knowledge, get grouped together, have external experts blogging, all educational materiel will be available there etc…
    So a bit like facebook (-ish) but customized for storing and sharing knowledge.
    I am thinking of using wordpress with the buddypress plug-inn. Will it do the job well or should I look into Joomla, or…?
    I am not a computer geek, so ease of use ranks high! 🙂 Hope to get some feedback from you – what works, and what don’t…

  7. Jonath Lee says:

    Since you included Microsoft Office 365, may be you can consider to include Kentico CMS

  8. viktoriana says:

    forgot LightCMS (NB:I do NOT work for them – just love their work!)

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