Best Fonts of 2014 Every Designer Should Have

Collection of the best fonts of 2014 [till date] you can use in your design projects. No matter what, fonts are great resources and must have in your design toolbox.

All designers store resources that they find best for their present and future projects. Resources are hence treasures of designers; these treasures include lots of elements with the help of which designers are able to complete their website and other projects speedily. Among these resources is a major element which features in each and every design regardless of it purpose and this element is fonts. You will find writing and text in all designs as it is the information given that is the basic part of any layout or design whether a website or not. To make the users have a great experience and to make the design interesting for the users/ viewers designers use different fonts styles. To draw the users’ attention many fonts are available online for free and of cost; designers use these wonderful fonts appropriately to make their designs all the more engaging and attractive for the users. Many fonts are already available on our computers like the Arial, Times New Roman and other similar fonts; but to shift to other and more creative font styles designers scour the internet. Some fonts infuse tattoo designs to make them unique, some fonts feature geometrical designs to give them the focus but there are indeed numerous font styles for designers to choose from online.

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