20 Seamless Free Vector Patterns

Patterns are used in all kinds of designs be they website designs, graphic designs, posters and countless other print media articles. Designing them to perfection is therefore crucial to the success of any design and since all designs are meant and supposed to convey a message to the viewers, it is all the more important to design their patterns according to that message. Patterns can be used as backgrounds and sometimes in styling other areas of the overall layout as well. This is vector patterns enter the picture the main and most prominent advantage of using vector patterns is that they never distort regardless to what size they are stretched and zoomed in. this is indeed very important when the vector patterns are being used as backgrounds; they can be stretched to suit and compliment the entire design. Another advantage of seamless vector patterns is that if they are small in size they can be joined together on x-axis and y-axis to form one big patterned design without there being any flaw at the edges as if the pattern is one and not spread over many small patterns.

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