20 Fresh and Unique SVG Icons for Free

The abbreviation of SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG allows HTML to manage vector graphics in it easily. SVG is the XML format for graphics which can be easily typed into the SVG document to draw shapes and different graphics. Another benefit of using SVG in HTML is that it has a crystal clear view no matter what the size due to its scalability. Icons are and have always been used in websites for different purposes but now with the social media in the picture most websites use icons to link their websites with their respective social media links. Icons are available in various formats including PSD, Bitmap, Gif, SVG etc. but SVG has a great future ahead as it can be easily scaled and has a crystal clear view irrespective of the size. One more advantage of using SVG icons is that they are easily printable due to their vector origins. SVG icons can be maneuvered effortlessly with CSS as well and their size and other properties can also be set. Hence it can be safely said that SVG has a bright future and also that it breathes into HTML pages a life owing to its clear picture.

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