20 CSS Tools for Creating Amazing Websites

Cascading Style Sheet is a styling language to beautify codes written in HTML and other languages. It is most commonly used in websites. As other languages it has different versions and the latest one is CSS 3.0 which is used with combination of HTML5 to create brilliant websites. CSS allows the designers to easily mark different areas of a website with different designs, giving 1 area more importance or layering different parts on a same page or whatever idea a designer comes up with to style his/ her website can be easily achieved through CSS. Now writing CSS code from scratch can be a bit time consuming especially for those designers who are already pressed for time and have to divide it on several projects at once. Well fear not as there are many CSS tools available to ease web development for all the wonderful designers. By using these tools they can easily save lots of time as they won’t have to code from scratch. These tools allow the designers to create animations in CSS easily, or do browser compatibility coding and lots of others tasks that together make up an awesome website.

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