Tutti Frutti Self Portraits By Cristina Otero

In this post we showcased Awesome Tutti Frutti Self Portraits by Cristian Otero. She is a 16 year old female photographer from Spain with just two and a half years of experience only. Otero used fruit as her inspiration in this series entitled Tutti Frutti. She draws the viewer in with her wide, innocent eyes while the bold, striking colors of her make-up complement each fruit. In these prismatic, fruit-inspired self-portraits, she creatively captures both the lush sweet treats as well as her own striking features.

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  1. Dorte_a says:

    My favourite is the one with the cherries, I’ve always loved contrasts so the woman with the white hair and the black bacgground + the red cherries is a very good combo in my book. Best regards, Dorte

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