How Photoshop Changed Photography and the World

There was a time when photographers relied on accurate lighting, flawless objects and the right moment to click the button. A photograph gone wrong was simply thrown away. Then there was digital photography that allowed photographers a little flexibility in terms or lighting adjustments and color tones. A photograph gone wrong with a digital camera could easily be erased with a click without wasting any film.

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  1. Thank you for using my Lighthouse image.
    It would have been nice if you had asked my permission.
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  2. Annabellefrost07 says:

    Thanks you guys – great to know the article has been useful and inspiring 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant article and it really inspire me a lot. Great to read that photoshop trends are changing day by day and as a graphic designers it motivates me to learn different things from professional.

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