4 Skills and Resources for Web Designers to Build a Successful Freelance Business

The odds are great that you’ve stumbled upon and read tons of books and articles on how to improve your craft. Ranging from the basics of CSS and HTML to the latest guides of JavaScript coding techniques, you’ve probably digested all the content until there is nothing left. Sounds familiar, right?

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3 Responses

  1. Nice article.I am running a wordpress website.Do i need to know these computer languages to succeed……………..

  2. Dennis says:

    Nice tips thanks for share with us

  3. Zell Liew says:

    Hey Waheed,

    Hey Waheed,

    I agree with you on the points you have stated.

    Diving headfirst into HTML / CSS / JS and other coding related tutorials and books are oh so familiar to me. Thats precisely been that I’ve been doing for the last few months!

    Right now, I’m focusing on creating a blog, learning to market myself online, learning copywriting and everything else that is important for us web designers to build a successful business.

    On that note, there’s one thing that I spotted on this post, and theres a big sign that says
    “To see the full content, kindly share this page by clicking one of the buttons below”

    Well I wouldn’t agree that having this helps in marketing yourself online. Personally, I feel that it deters people from clicking on your link, and there may be a negative notion that you just want people to share and thus you get more recognition kind of mentality. I’d love to know your opinions regarding setting this “share to read” thing.

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